About Us

Company Introduction

VIKOH is an Australian manufacturer of security labels which have for more than a decade, gained a reputation for unsurpassed performance and quality, giving it a wide and exclusive client base.

Attention to detail in the production of its custom made SubScribe™ products together with turnaround service, are the hallmarks of its success.


Vikoh security labels are based on a tamper-evident label construction and are typically used for Secure Sealing, Personal Identification, Asset Authentication, Compliance & Warranty purposes

The SubScribe™ process provides a unique sub-surface laser print used for embedding visible security codes, bar-codes and corporate information within a security label. Any attempt to tamper with an item or object to which a seal has been applied will reveal a tamper-evident indicator rendering the seal incapable of being re-applied as an original seal

Sub-Surface Laser Marking of Tamper Indicating seals

SubScribe™ is a digital technology that laser-marks variable information, including:
• Sequential Numbering & Alpha Numeric
• Barcodes: 1D and 2D
• QR Codes
• Surface T-cuts

Our business has a Modern slavery and Human trafficking statement made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (a UK Act of Parliament

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